Complete anti-corrosion solutions for airframe, avionics and ground support equipment.

Entering the aviation market in 1985, ACF-50's 27 year time tested; proven record of performance is trusted by Commercial Airlines and Government Agencies. Lear Chemical was the first to offer complete after-market/in-service Corrosion Preventative & Control Programs (CPCP).

Pioneering the concept of treating the complete aircraft (airframe and electrical systems) rather than only 'spot treating' for corrosion made our ACF-50 'fogging process' the standard by which all have followed.

ACF-50 = Dollars $aved

Being 'Pro Active' about corrosion control is the best way to protect your investment.


Regular ACF-50 treatments for your fleet will reduce maintenance costs and improve overall flight safety and aircraft readiness. Lear Chemical's pioneered application methods and specially designed equipment; deliver ACF-50's penetrating fog to all critical aircraft structure. Technicians at ACF-50 Corrosion Treatment Centers offer complete airframe applications usually timed to you GA annual.  Only ACF-50's advanced corrosion control properties protect both the airframe and avionics systems. The US Government, commercial airlines, fleet operators and general aviation users have, through years of testing and use, proven ACF-50 delivers tough anti-corrosion protection. ACF-50 has endorsements or approvals from twenty-seven airframe OEM's and meets industry (AIRBUS, Boeing, Douglas, Mil-Spec) anti-corrosion performance requirements. The FAA also recognizes ACF-50 as a "suitable corrosion preventative compound".

King Air Magazine • Corrosion Control by Dean Benedict

Regional Airline Applications

 Reduce Maintenance costs. Improve on-time readiness!

• 27 year proven track record at preventing and deactivating corrosion

• Significantly reduces corrosion events in both structure and electrical systems

• Easy and inexpensive to apply

• Ultra Thin Film promotes weight reduction, improving payload capacity

• Removal no required for re-application, creates no HAS-MAT residue, saving time & money

• Non-toxic (no SCBA required) Low VOC and 50 State compliant, with a pleasant odor

• Protects against all common electrolytes (orange juice, coke, coffee, de-icing fluids, toilette fluids, acids, etx. per AIRBUS TNA 007.10138)

• Will not interfere with NDT procedures